Friday, July 31, 2009

Jackson & the 100 Monkeys

OMG!OMG!OMG!!! The concert tonight was fucking AWESOME! Mitch Hanson opened, then The National Rifle played and finally 100 Monkeys was up and lets just say I was more than impressed! Before I squeal over Jackson I want to say that 100 Monkeys is sooooo much better live; they really did rock the house! As for Jackson....fuuuuuuuuck.....he is SOOOOOO much more hot in the flesh and not nearly as tiny as I thought he was. He has the sexiest singing voice and not only did he sing and play guitar, he played drums too! I am SUCH a sucker for drummers so I was melting where I stood. When he said 'Fuck' it made me tingle! God, I'm even more in love than before now! LoL

In other non-concert news, the break-out sessions today were really good. I of course went to the fanfiction panels which were hilarious and enjoyable. The ladies of Twilighted are a really great and fun group of ladies that I'm glad I got to finally meet.

Tomorrow are the autograph and photograph sessions where I get to have my pic taken with Jackson & Billy Burke and I'm getting autographs from Peter and of course Jackson. Then it's off to the Masquerade ball! Can't wait!!!!

Slideshow of 100 Monkeys (mostly Jackson)

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