Friday, October 23, 2009

Jackson Makes My Insides Melt

So I've been seeing pictures popping up of Jackson on the set of his film "Girlfriend", and I have to say, they only make me want to lick him more. It just isn't fair that all his hotness should be wasted; I think he deserves to be worshiped and licked and...well, you get the point.

Anyhoo...only 4 months until I get to see his sweet face in person again at TwiTours in San Francisco. Yay me!


Saturday, October 10, 2009

Call me stalker

So, Twi-tours will be in San Francisco in February, which is a hop, skip, and a jump from where I live, and yes, I fully plan on going. I'm hoping *crosses fingers* that 100 Monkey's will be there playing local venues since, so far, Jackson's slated to be a guest at the Twi-Tours event. If they are, you can bet your ass that I'm going to go see them play, and hopefully get a picture or another autograph; you can't have too many, right? In the meantime, how about a little Jackson sexiness to look at?


Monday, October 5, 2009

Holy shit she's posting!

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know what you're thinking, "What the fuck Dizzy? What happened to the last two days of TwiCon? Did you see Jackson and spontaneously combust? Did you actually try and jump Jackson and get your dumbass arrested?"

Well, the answer is simple and lame: my lappie took a crap at the hotel and I've since procatinated posting.

What sucks about my procrasitnation is that I now have shitloads I'm behind on posting! So, I'm just going to sum up my entire Twicon experience and post the remining pics.

There were many positives and negatives about my Twicon experience.

By far meeting my fellow fanfic'ers and the wonderful ladies I chat with everyday was the best experience of Twicon. I can't tell you how funny and nice everyone is in person. The Twilighted meet-up was awesome; I was completly starstruck by some of the great authors I got to meet. I know, they're no different then me, but seriously - Psymom, Twilightzoner, Jenwordsong, Ninapolitan - they're some of my favorite authors, how could I not be in awe? At least I didn't go all fangirl on them...okay, fine, maybe I fangirled Jenwordsong just a little, but she popped my fanfic cherry with her fic 'Die to Self' damn it! Anyhoo...

The breakout sessions were really good and mostly focused on fanfiction. I was a little dissappointed that they were all clumped into one day, and many of the sessions overlapped each other which sucked considering I wanted to attend more than the couple I was able to. The sessions I did attend were very insightful - "Fade to Black" which focused on the 'M' rating in fics (You know ladies, we call them lemons) and then "Who is Bella" which discussed the different characterizations of Bella in the fandom. Funny story, I was actually heading to the 'Crackfic' panel session when I accidently ended up in the 'Bella' session. I didn't want to be rude and walk out, so instead I stayed thinking I was going to suffer through a discussion on Bella when I actually ended up really enjoying it. It ended up being my favorite panel!

The Volturi Ball was nice. Some of the costumes were amazing. People really put a lot of time and thought into what to wear and everyone looked beautiful. The Hillywood kids hosted the ball and the music was great; everyone was having a good time.

One of my biggest complaints was the unorganization of the event. The lines for everything were huge and uncontrolled, besides the breakout sessions and the Ball, nothing started on time - including the actors Q&A and the breakfast chat with Jackson - which greatly reduced the time we had to see and listen to the actors. This obviously is a big downfall because let's face it, the actors is what we were mostly there for.

My biggest disappointment was that I didn't get my picture with Jackson. It is now well known that there were some volunteers who were just not up to par on how to be professional as was the case with the photos. For some unknown reason, due to a brief lag in peeps coming to have their photo taken with the beloved Jackson, the volunteer made the decision to shut his photo session down 40 minutes early, thus I didn't get my pic taken. Was I ever fucking livid and I totally complained. I was apologized to and promised my money back, which two months later I've yet to receive. Apparently there was also an incident with Kellan's photo session, in which he was trying to mingle with the fans who paid for photos only to be scolded by the volunteer because he was wasting time. Per Twicon, some volunteers were relieved of duties and are not being asked back.

I definitely feel that the organization of the event lacked, however it was overall a pleasent experience and I give them a pass on the negative stuff since it was the first ever event. Everyone has growing pains, right?

So that's the long and the short of it. I definitely plan to go to the 2010 could I not? It's in Vegas baby!

Untill I post again...

Yours truly,