Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Jackson's in trouble now!

*jumps up and down* I'm SO excited - the TwiCon website just announced photograph and autograph sessions with the actors!!! I actually get to pay to get within kidna...I mean touching distance of Jackson! *googles love potion recipe* (more)

What is 'Operation Lick Jackson's Tattoo'?

'Operation Lick Jackson's Tattoo' came about in the forums one day when me, Mel (who is the my future partner in crime at TwiCon) and the other girls were discussing and formulating a plan - hypothetically of course (*giggles evily*) - for me to tackle, tie-up, blindfold and molest Jackson...repeatedly...at TwiCon. Of course, my fellow Jackson lovers spoke up and wanted a piece of the action. The more the kinkier...uh, I mean the merrier, I say, plus it will be easier to tie him up if I have help holding him down anyway. Sure, there may be some kicking and screaming initially, but nothing that a ball gag won't take care of. Besides, once he's been pleasured beyond comprehension over and over again by us ladies, I'm sure he won't mind. ;)

The trick will be how to fold him into my suitcase so I can fly him home with me, after we make a plaster cast of his luscious....*ahem*....anyway.... Of course if someone is willing to volunteer to drive me back to California from Dallas it might make the smuggling a little easier...any takers???

This blog will not only be a shrine to Jackson, but will chronicle the journey to TwiCon, as well as the convention itself.

And Jackson, if you're reading, don't worry baby, mama will take good care of you. I don't bite...much. (more)

Monday, June 8, 2009

Masquerade Ball Dress

So while at TwiCon, they will be having a Masquerade Ball which I've been stressing over. Last weekend my friends Christy & Becky went dress shopping with me and I now have my outfit picked out for the ball (less the mask which I'll get at the end of the month). I love my shoes, they are Fuck-Hot! And yay me for dropping two dress sizes!!!

You can't tell in the pic, but the dress is a halter which my boobs look great in! Now I just need to stick to the gym everyday for the next two months!

Sunday, June 7, 2009


<-----Yes, that's me, cheating on Jackson with Rob at the dvd release party I went to.

Well, if you already know me, then you know I'm shamelessly obsessed over Twilight and even more obsessed over Twilight Fanfiction.

It started when my sales partner decided to gift me the first book for my birthday last October. That was all it took; within a week I had all four books read and started with book one again! I was so obsessed, I couldn't get enough, and I was embarassed that I was a 34 year old mom pining over a young adult book series. It was like my dirty little secret.

After finishing the books a second time, I needed more, so I searched SM's website for her outtakes. On her website she mentioned fanfiction and I thought, what the hell is that and where do I find it, so I popped up my ever present friend, google, and searched for fanfiction. The first link I clicked on wasTwilighted.net and was I ever happy to find that there were women my age, just as obsessed as me and who happend to share my dirty mind. My first journey into the world of fanfic was a little story called Die to Self which was an *ahem* alternate Honeymoon scene for Breaking Dawn. Talk about jaw drop.

Two months ago, my best friend Joanna called me up screaming...she had just finished reading Twilight and she was completely and totally overtaken by Obessive Cullen Disorder. It was the first book she ever finished all the way through and within a week, like me, she finished all four. I was so excited she finally caught up to me and we've spent many a night racking up large phone bills (she lives in Canada, me in California) squealing over Jackson and Rob like twelve year olds since.
One day at work she called me up to tell me she heard about TwiCon and she was practically in tears that she couldn't go. So me, being the spontaneous person I am, jumped online and bought us both tickets. YAY!
Not only am I going to TwiCon and will to see most of the actors from Twilight, but I also will have an oppotunity to meet some of the great ladies I've met in the forums, including Mel (my TwiTwin) who will be staying with me & Joanna.
I'm so excited.

My first post! Yay!

Welcome! As you can see I am completely obsessed with Jackson Rathbone. And before you say it, yes I know he ten years younger than me. I will be posting here about my journey to Dallas for TwiCon where I fully plan to get in as much Jackson time as possible with the help of my partners in crime and roomies at TwiCon, Joanna & Mel!

(TwiCon tickets - check, 100 Monkeys Tickets - check, Coffee Chat with Jackson tickets - check)